Led by Justine Damond

Originally trained as a Veterinary Surgeon, Justine has also studied and practiced yoga and meditation for over 17 years, is a qualified yoga instructor, a personal health & life coach (EFT, Theta and Reconnective Healing practitioner) and meditation teacher, embracing and teaching the neuro-scientific benefits of meditation with trainings under internationally renowned neuroscientist Dr Joe Dispenza from What the Bleep.

Justine 612 849 5760

email: me@justiner.com

Website: www.justinedamond.com


Tuesday Night Meditations @ 7pm

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Every 4th Tuesday Led by Cindi Claypatch

She is the Founder and Director of the Health Realization Training Center.  Cindi completed her Masters degree in Human Development with a primary focus in the study of consciousness and complementary healing methods. Cindi has studied with Americo Yabar, a Peruvian Shaman, and has been mentored by Michael Issacson for many years.  Much of her work involves accessing both the seen and unseen worlds to promote healing and expansion to those she serves.  She has been trained in Qi’gong, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Three Hearts Balancing and Blue Energy.  

Cindi 612.823.1070

Website: www.cindiclaypatch.com