Laurie Wondra, Resident Speaker
Laurie Wondra is a gifted psychic medium, energy worker, author, teacher and public speaker. Since a child, Laurie helps people clear energy while connecting and communicating with Archangels, Ascended Masters or loved ones for information about past or present. Laurie believes we all have the ability to expand and use our intuitive sense. This ability comes from understanding energy, where it exists and how it is generated. Visit for more information.



Mas Sajady, Resident Speaker
After his second near death experience, Mas Sajady was gifted with remarkably potent abilities that he was soon likened to the most significant healers in history. Beyond the usual self-help, goal-setting method, Mas works on the core frequency level to help you re-design and re-create your realities - materializing fast and tangible results and manifesting abundance in all areas of your life.  Thousands around the world have transformed their lives substantially after just one or a few encounters with Mas. For more information, visit







Mari Harris
Susan Just
Carole Hyder
Mary Hayes Grieco
Lena Swanson
Gina Citoli
Jennifer Hoffman
Lynn Woodland
Cat Thompson
Kathryn Power-O'Brien
Maureen Pelton
Janel Anderson  
Pippi Ardennia
Suzanne Giesemann
Elizabeth Dickinson
Dan Chesboro
Mary Flood-Maneely
Allen Brown
Karen Sorbo
Allen Anderson
​Sage Lewis

Anne Westfall

Michael Wachner

Lake Harriet Spiritual Community has been blessed to have some of the most engaging, powerful spiritual leaders in the country as our guest speakers each and every month!  Below are some of the amazing people who have shared their wisdom with us during our Sunday Services and workshops.

Watch a Service

To give you a flavor for what our Sunday Services are like, please visit our YouTube channel to view recent services.



Guest Speakers

Our Sunday Speakers: 10:30am

​LHSC is unique. Each week we bring in different popular speakers to help broaden your consciousness on a variety of levels. Every month there is a different empowering theme, so you can expect a different experience every time.​

Mike Foley, Resident Speaker
Mike is an adventurer, keynote speaker, executive coach, and trainer. Mike’s stories and humor have been at the core of his success, and he powerfully weaves inspirational messages for audiences of all backgrounds and beliefs. For more information, visit Mike delivers services approximately once every three months.

Cindi Claypatch, Resident Speaker
Cindi is the founder and director of the Health Realization Training Center. She is certified in intuition and many other healing modalities and has her own private counseling and healing practice called Prospectives. For more information, visit Cindi delivers services approximately once every three months.

Justine Damond, Resident Speaker
Originally trained as a Veterinary Surgeon, Justine has practiced yoga and meditation for over 17 years, is a qualified yoga instructor, a personal health & life coach (EFT, Theta and Reconnective Healing practitioner) and meditation teacher, embracing and teaching the neuro-scientific benefits of meditation with trainings under internationally renowned neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza. For more information, visit

Patty Peterson, Resident Speaker
​Patty was born into Minnesota’s first Family of Jazz, The Petersons. Patty is a dynamic vocalist, radio personality as well as an inspirational and motivational speaker. For more information, visit Patty delivers services approximately once every three months.

Our Sunday Speakers: 9:00am

Looking for a great experience? Each Sunday at 9:00am we have a different leader who will help you experience greater joy through meditation, yoga, drumming, toning, and other interactive methods.  

1st Sunday:   Sacred Drumming
2nd Sunday:  Spiritual Development
3rd Sunday:   Toning/Healing
4th Sunday:   Body & Soul 

Keri Mengis is a compassion activist, interested in engaging and joining the conversations that expand consciousness, explore commonalities and tip hierarchies. Keri’s students and clients describe her as a generous, wise and trustworthy guide. Her teachers know her as a committed and passionate seeker of truth with a voracious appetite for learning.You may contact her at

Steven Johnson is a teacher of toning and healing, and has walked down countless roads in this lifetime. He has found his greatest fulfillment in serving both as a Wilderness Guide and as a Spiritual Guide.  His personal credo is "Explore the Great Mystery", a maxim which he has lived out in his many excursions through the physical and the metaphysical planes, and the nexus where they meet. 

Alice Browne, MT-BC is a Music Therapist and Sound Healer Apprentice. She graduated from Augsburg College and worked with a wide variety of populations in community settings until 2009, at which time she opened a private practice, Simple Song Studio, doing Music Therapy with visual art offerings. For more information please visit

Tina Frontera is a life-long student of integrative health care and the use of movement, energy and meditation to connect with your core.  Professionally, she has been grounded as a registered nurse for over 30 years and has led various energetic modalities ranging from Latin Dance and aerobics to meditation and Qi Gong thru healing energy ministry.  

Guy Odisha's Sunday services involves doing the inner “Work” that moves us toward Spiritual Maturity. Following the arch of Spiritual Development as outlined in the world’s great wisdom traditions. Guy Odishaw is the founder of The Bhakti Wellness Center, the Hopkins Meditation Center and The Wake Up Call – a local health and wellness radio program. He has been a Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) provider for over 20 years.

Christine Day, Resident Speaker
Christine is an internationally-renowned spiritual teacher, healer and channel of Pleiadian transmissions. She is founder of both the Amanae multidimensional bodywork, and Frequencies of Brilliance (FOB). For more information, visit Christine delivers services approximately once every three months.